YP9C - Noisy Blower (Heating)

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Last updated: 19 Apr, 2018

York Gas Furnace: YP9C

Re: Noisy Blower (Heating)

The YP9C gas furnace has a modulating gas valve, variable speed inducer and variable speed blower motor.

Qty Possible Causes:
Bad Blower Motor
Bad Blower Wheel
1 Clogged Air Filter


1. Check Blower Operation

  • In the heating mode, the blower speed is controlled by the Discharge Air Temperature.
    • As the burner firing rate increases, the blower speed increases to maintain a constant discharge air temperature.

2. Check Air Filter

  • A clogged air filter may cause the blower motor to over-ramp in an attempt to keep the discharge air temperature down.

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Article ID: 454
Last updated: 19 Apr, 2018
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