PTAC Configuration Menu
PTAC Re: CONFIGURATION SETTINGS The control can be configured to operate a wide range of options. The options listed below with the * are the factory default settings. If these are acceptable, then the unit does not require any additional configuration and is fully operable. To configure...
16 Dec, 2022 Comments: 0
PTAC Diagnostic Codes
PTAC Re: DIAGNOSTIC CODES OPERATING MODES Code Status Suggested Action FP Freeze Protection engaged None Fd Front Desk switch is closed Open Front Desk switch Eo Un-Configured Board Enter configuration menu EH Emergency Hydronic engaged ...
20 Mar, 2017 Comments: 0
PTAC - Blows Cold Air - Heating
PTAC Heat Pump Re: Blows Cold Air - Heating A PTAC Heat Pump typically uses the compressor for initial heating and electric strip heaters for backup heat. Unlike a standard heat pump, the compressor and electric heaters never operate at the same time. It is one or the other. ► The PTAC...
9 Mar, 2018 Comments: 0