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Gas Furnace - Check Flame Sensor
Gas Furnace Re: Check Flame Sensor If furnace is running, de-energize the call for heat and allow the furnace to cool. Turn off power to the furnace. Remove the wire that plugs into the top of the flame sensor. On some models the flame sensor lead is hard-wired to the flame sensor,...
21 Dec, 2021 Comments: 0
Gas Furnace - Low Flame Signal
Gas Furnace Re: Low Flame Signal A gas furnace lights and burns properly, but the flame signal is low. ► This condition will often cause periodic "flame loss" failures. How It Works: The ignition control board sends-out a small voltage signal over the flame sensor wire. The resistance...
3 Nov, 2017 Comments: 0
Gas Heat - Can't Keep-Up When It's Cold
Gas Furnace Re: Can't Keep-Up When It's Cold / Low Heat A gas furnace operating correctly typically has no problem maintaining the space temperature even when it is cold outside. Qty Possible Causes (From Most to Least Likely): Dirty Air Filter Clogged Indoor Coil ...
6 Feb, 2017 Comments: 0
Low Airflow/High Pressure Due to Clogged Recoup Coil
Make: All Model or Series: All Type: Add-On Heat Pump & 90% Gas Furnace Problem Description: Heat pump kicking-out on high pressure in heating mode. Observed Symptoms: Suction pressures a little low, head pressure normal in cooling Head pressure climbs above 500 in heating Liquid...
27 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
Furnace Tripping Limit - Code 4
Make: Any Model or Series: Any Type: 80% Furnace Problem Description: Furnace locking-out on Code 4 - High Limit Observed Symptoms: Temperature rise higher than furnace's rated temperature rise. The furnace nameplate should show the rated temperature rise. Things to Check: ...
28 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
White-Rodgers Lockout Codes
WHITE-RODGERS FURNACE CONTROL - LOCKOUT CODES When system lockout occurs, the gas valve is de-energized, the circulator blower is energized at HEAT speed, and, if flame is sensed, the inducer blower is energized. The diagnostic indicator light will flash or glow continuously to indicate system...
16 Jan, 2017 Comments: 0
Low Heat - Gas Pressure Low - Gas Line too Small
Make: All Model or Series: All Type: Gas Furnace Problem Description: Low heat Observed Symptoms: Low discharge air temperature. Manifold gas pressure too low. Solution: Installed larger gas line to furnace. Additional Information: Checked the inlet gas pressure - 10" with...
27 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
LP Gas Pressure Low - Using Too Much Gas
Make: All Model or Series: All Type: LP Problem Description: Using to too much gas. Observed Symptoms: Low discharge air temperature from furnace. Low manifold pressure with gas valve regulator bottomed-out. Inlet pressure drops drastically when the furnace comes on. Solution: ...
27 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
ST9141A Electronic Fan Timer
Honeywell ST9141A Electronic Fan Timer The ST9141A1002 Electronic Fan Timer integrates control of all combustion blower and circulating fan operations in a gas warm air appliance. This control is the central wiring point for most of the electrical components in the furnace. The basic purposes of...
28 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
ADPS Pressure Switch
ADPS Adjustable Pressure Switch The Series ADPS Adjustabe Pressure Switch is designed for pressure, vacuum, and differential pressures. The dual scaled knob in inches water column and pascals allows changes to the switching pressure to be made without a pressure gauge. Pressure Ports The...
30 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0