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Cooling - Condensate Leak
Cooling Re: Condensate Leakage The air conditioning condensate is leaking from the a/c coil instead of running out the drain. Qty Possible Causes: 1 Clogged Drain Pipe Frozen Coil Hole in Drain Pan Condensate Missing Drain Pan No Drain Trap...
10 Jul, 2017 Comments: 0
Compressor Won't Start due to Mis-Wired Contactor
Replaced the Contactor - Now Compressor Won't Start Issue: The compressor was operating before replacing the contactor, but now it just hums and won't come on. Cause: This is generally the result of mis-wiring the high voltage going to the compressor. Proper Wiring: One leg of the...
16 May, 2017 Comments: 0
Indoor Cooling Coil Freeze Up
COOLING COIL FREEZE-UP: The indoor coil develops either a coating of thick, white frost or thick ice. May only freeze a portion of the indoor coil or the entire coil. Ice may extend from the indoor coil all the way to the compressor in the outdoor unit. Generally causes a loss of airflow from...
28 Sep, 2017 Comments: 0
Cooling - Low Suction Pressure
Cooling Re: Low Suction Pressure A heat pump or air conditioner runs with a lower-than-normal suction pressure. NORMAL SUCTION PRESSURE: R-22 = 55 - 80 psig R410a = 100 - 150 psig Qty Possible Causes: Low Refrigerant Charge Bad Expansion Valve ...
16 May, 2017 Comments: 0
Wiring a Humidifier to a Heat Pump
WIRING A HUMIDIFIER TO A HEAT PUMP Hooking-up a humidifier to a heat pump can be a challenging task for the following reasons: The lower supply air temperature from a heat pump limits evaporation which is necessary for proper operation. The humidifier should only operate during heat...
27 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
Calculating Airflow with Temperature Rise
CALCULATING AIRFLOW WITH TEMPERATURE RISE If you know the KW output of your heating source, you can calculate the CFM based on the temperature rise. CFM 5Kw 10Kw 15Kw 20Kw 400 39 79 500 32 63 95 600 26 53 79 700 23 45 68 ...
17 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
Heat Pump - High Head Pressure (Heating)
Heat Pump: Heating Re: High Discharge Pressure / High Head Pressure As the system runs in the heating mode, the discharge pressure exceeds the normal operating pressure. R22 System Normal Head Pressure = 175 - 250 psig High Head Pressure = Above 275 psig R410A System Normal Head...
27 Jun, 2017 Comments: 0
Suction Pressure High - Misplaced Guages
Make: All Model or Series: All Type: All Problem Description: The suction pressure and head pressure are reading the same. Observed Symptoms: Compressor and condenser fan operating. Suction line is hot. Supply air temperature is normal. Solution: Suction guage connected to the...
27 Dec, 2016 Comments: 0
Service Valves Leaking
SERVICE VALVES LEAKING It is common for old service valves to leak refrigerant around the seals - especially after closing and re-opening the valves. WHAT TO DO: The cap for the service valves should be able to tighten-down enough to keep the refrigerant sealed. Add either "leak-lock" or...
16 May, 2017 Comments: 0
Compressor Cycles On then Back Off
Make: Any Model or Series: Any Type: Any Problem Description: Compressor & Outdoor Fan Cycling Observed Symptoms: Compressor & outdoor fan come on for several seconds then go back off. Solution: Found unit kicking-off on High Pressure due to overcharge. Recovered excess...
16 May, 2017 Comments: 0

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