Honeywell S9200U Control
S9200U Diagnostic Codes
Honeywell S9200U Integrated Furnace Control Re: Diagnostic Codes LED Indicators The S9200U1000 has three LEDs: Flame – Amber LED: The Amber LED Indicates flame status such as weak or no flame. STATUS – Red LED: The Red LED indicates general system status, such as the presence of a...
18 Mar, 2017 Comments: 0
S9200U Fault History Recall
Honeywell S9200U Re: Recalling the Status Code History You may perform the following procedure multiple times to confirm that you have viewed all the currently stored error codes. To recall the error code history and display it via the red status LED, perform the following: Jumper the...
29 Sep, 2022 Comments: 0
S9200U - 80V Glow Plugs/Ignitors
Honeywell S9200U Integrated Furnace Control Re: 80v Glow Plugs/Ignitors Oftentimes, a furnace (particularly Trane) will appear to have a control board compatible with the Honeywell S9200U control board; however, if the model number does not appear in the S9200U manual DO NOT replace the...
7 Nov, 2017 Comments: 0
S9200U - White-Rodgers Cross Reference
S9200U Cross Reference Re: White-Rodgers SKU HARNESS S1 S2 50A50-110 A SW1:ON SW2:OFF SW3 &4: 60/90/120/180 SW1:OFF SW2:ON 50A50-111 50A50-112 50A50-113 50A50-130 50A50-131 50A50-142 ...
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