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Climatemaster Diagnostic Codes
Geothermal Heat Pump: Climatemaster Re: Diagnostic Codes CXM Board - Most older Climatemaster Geothermal heat pumps use the CXM Control Board. The CXM board has a diagnostic function that will cause the unit to go into a "lockout" if an abnormal operating condition occurs. When the CXM...
06 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
Fujitsu - Error A1
Fujitsu Mini-Split Re: Error A1 Error Code A1 = High Compressor Discharge Temperature Also indicated on the control board by 10 Green flashes and 1 Orange flash. Qty Possible Causes: 3 Low Refrigerant Charge Bad Sensor CHECKOUT: 1. Check Unit...
05 Feb, 2022 Comments: 0
Waterfurnace - Fault Codes
Geothermal Heat Pump: Waterfurnace Re: Diagnostic Codes These units can have either an Aurora Base Control (ABC) or an Aurora Expansion Board (AXB). The ABC board has a diagnostic function that will cause the unit to go into a "lockout" if an abnormal operating condition occurs. When the...
19 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
York Furnace Lockout and Diagnostic Codes
York Gas Furnaces Re: Lockout Codes Most York gas furnaces have a control board inside the furnace blower compartment that will flash a diagnostic code that shows the operating status of the furnace. Diagnostic Codes: Slow Green Normal Operation - no call for heat Slow...
14 Feb, 2017 Comments: 0
Trane GAM5 - Status/Error Codes
Trane Air Handler: GAM5 Re: Status Codes / Error Codes / Fault Codes EVC STATUS LED Flash Description 1 Cool Mode - No Active Call 3 Cool Mode - Active Call for Cooling or Defrost 4 Heat Mode or Off - No Active Call 6 Heat Mode - Active Call for...
01 Sep, 2017 Comments: 0
York Sensor Resistance Chart
Sensor Resistance All of York's sensors are the same resistance - 10K Ohm. Temp Ohms Temp Ohms Temp Ohms Temp Ohms 0 85,371 50 19,896 100 5,827 150 2,041 5 75,230 55 17,434 105 5,208 155 1,854 10 62,499 60 15,310 110 ...
17 Nov, 2017 Comments: 0

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58MXA - Flashing Code 34/Fault Code 34
Carrier 90% Gas Furnace: 58MXA Re: Flashing Code 34 / Fault Code 34 Code 34 = Ignition Faulure Diagnostic Light Sequence: 3-Short Flashes, 4-Long Flashes (- - - , — — — —) ► 4 Consecutive Ignition Faults will become a Fault Code 14. Qty Possible Causes: 1 Bad Glow Plug ...
22 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0
GMH95 / GCH9 - Flashing Code 1
​Goodman Gas Furnace: GMH95 / GCH9 Re: Flashing Code 1 / Won't Ignite Code 1 = 3 Failed Ignition Attempts ► ** Be aware that the furnace Condensate Pressure Switch breaks power to the gas valve and will cause a Fault Code 1 (Does not cause a Code 3). ** Qty Possible Causes: ...
20 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0
Trane - Defrost Problem
Trane Heat Pump: 4TWB, 2TWR, 4TWR Re: Defrost Problem / Frozen Outdoor Coil The outdoor unit becomes completely covered in thick, white ice. Qty Possible Causes: Bad Coil Sensor 1 Mis-Located Coil Sensor Inoperative Condenser Fan Motor Bad Defrost...
13 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0
TUX1/TDX1 - Flashing Code 3
Gas Furnace: TUX1/TDX1 Re: Flashing Code 3 Code 3 = Pressure switch fault A Code 3 will result from either of the following conditions: Pressure switch contacts "Closed" when the inducer motor is commanded OFF. Pressure switch contacts "Open" when the inducer motor is commanded ON. ►...
13 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0
TM9X/TM9E - Flashing Code 3
York Gas Furnace: TM9X/TM9E Re: Flashing Code 3 Code 3 = Furnace Pressure Switch failed to close on a call for heat. This gas furnace has two pressure switches (PS1 & PS2) - a higher pressure switch to monitor the negative pressure at the inducer motor, and a lower pressure switch to...
09 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0
YEE - Fault Code 5
York Heat Pump: YEE Re: Low Suction Pressure - Code 5 (Heating) CODE 5 = Low Pressure Switch Opened (2x in 6 hours) Qty Possible Causes: 1 Low Refrigerant Charge Bad Expansion O/D Valve Bad Pressure Switch Not Defrosting CHECKOUT: 1....
08 Mar, 2023 Comments: 0