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Geothermal - Lines Sweating (Heating)
ClimateMaster Geo-Thermal: Heating Re: Water Lines Sweating The well piping from the geo-thermal unit is cold and sweating. It is not unusual for the well loop temperature to get cold when running in the heating mode. As the geo-thermal unit runs in heating it absorbs heat from the loop...
10 Mar, 2017 Comments: 0
Heat Pump - High Head Pressure (Heating)
Heat Pump: Heating Re: High Discharge Pressure / High Head Pressure As the system runs in the heating mode, the discharge pressure exceeds the normal operating pressure. R22 System Normal Head Pressure = 175 - 250 psig High Head Pressure = Above 275 psig R410A System Normal Head...
27 Jun, 2017 Comments: 0
Indoor Cooling Coil Freeze Up
COOLING COIL FREEZE-UP: The indoor coil develops either a coating of thick, white frost or thick ice. May only freeze a portion of the indoor coil or the entire coil. Ice may extend from the indoor coil all the way to the compressor in the outdoor unit. Generally causes a loss of airflow from...
28 Sep, 2017 Comments: 0
New Heat Pumps - Expansion Valve Issue
New Heat Pumps Re: Expansion Valve Issue Many new heat pumps manufactured 2014 - 2015 have experienced sluggish or sticking expansion valves. The Issue has been traced back to an additive that Copeland was putting in their scroll compressors. This additive has caused expansion valves (indoor...
4 Oct, 2017 Comments: 0
Thermostat Over Cools - Dehumidification
Honeywell Thermostat: TH8320R & TH8321R VisionPro Re: THERMOSTAT OVER-COOLS With a Honeywell VisionPro or Prestige thermostat, the most common reason for the thermostat to overcool is Dehumidification. When either thermostat is configured to dehumidify, there is a setup option for "OVER...
13 Feb, 2017 Comments: 0