New Heat Pumps - Expansion Valve Issue

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Last updated: 4 Oct, 2017

New Heat Pumps

Re: Expansion Valve Issue

Many new heat pumps manufactured 2014 - 2015 have experienced sluggish or sticking expansion valves.

The Issue has been traced back to an additive that Copeland was putting in their scroll compressors.  This additive has caused expansion valves (indoor and outdoor) to malfunction.


  • Low suction pressure - adding refrigerant doesn't bring pressure up.
  • High superheat
  • Expansion valve frosting
  • Low heating and/or cooling performance

What to Do:

  • If the above symptoms are observed in a unit installed post-2014, attempt to add refrigerant to see if the valve and pressures respond correctly. Also check to see if the suction pressure responds to warming the expansion valve bulb.
  • Manufacturers are recommending the injection of "A/C Renew" to the refrigerant system which dissolves the "gunk" caused by the Copeland additive.
    • An injection tool is required for adding A/C Renew to the system.
  • A/C Renew can take up to 4 days circulating through the system before results can be seen.
  • Systems that are not fixed by adding A/C Renew will require a replacement expansion valve.



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Article ID: 63
Last updated: 4 Oct, 2017
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