YEE Fault Codes

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2023

York Heat Pump: YEE

Re: Lockout Codes / Fault Codes

The control shall provide fault codes using the Status LED. The table below describes the LED displays during fault codes.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the control shall provide flashes that are a 1/3 second on and 1/3 second off for fault codes.
  • The control shall only display a single fault code on the LED. The control shall display the fault code on the LED repeatedly with a 2 second off period between repetitions of the fault code.
  • If multiple fault codes are present at the same time, the LED shall display only the most recent fault.

The "lockout" can be Reset by: 1) cycling power to the air handler or 2) turning the thermostat system switch "Off" and then back to "On".


Flashes Description
2 Hi pressure fault (not in lockout yet)
3 Hi pressure lockout (last mode was compressor)
4 Hi pressure lockout (last mode defrost)
5 Low pressure lockout (last mode compressor)
6 Low voltage (< 19.2 volts)
7 Low voltage (< 16 volts)
8 Coil sensor failure (open or shorted)
9 Ambient sensor failure (open or shorted)
10 Control failure
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Article ID: 713
Last updated: 08 Mar, 2023
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