R22 Cooling - Low Suction Pressure
Heat Pump: Cooling Re: Low Suction Pressure A heat pump or air conditioner runs with a lower-than-normal suction pressure. Customer typically reports low or no cooling. Qty Possible Causes: Low Refrigerant Charge 1 Bad Expansion Valve Low/No Airflow ...
29 Sep, 2017 Comments: 0
ERD - Defrost Problem/Outdoor Coil Frozen
York Heat Pump: ERD Re: Not Defrosting / Frozen The ERD models use a Demand Defrost control board. The board uses an Ambient (outdoor) Sensor and Liquid Line Sensor to determine the proper conditions for defrost to occur. Qty Possible Causes: 1 Bad Liquid Line Sensor ...
14 Dec, 2017 Comments: 0