YH2E/YH2F Diagnostic & Fault Codes
York Heat Pump: YH2E / YH2F Re: Lockout Codes / Fault Codes The control shall provide fault codes using the Status LED. The table below describes the LED displays during fault codes. Unless otherwise specified, the control shall provide flashes that are a 1/3 second on and 1/3 second off for...
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YH2E - Code 5 - Low Pressure Fault - Heating
York Heat Pump: YH2E Re: Low Suction Pressure - Code 5 (Heating) CODE 5 = Low Pressure Switch Opened (2x in 6 hours) Qty Possible Causes: Low Refrigerant Charge Bad Expansion O/D Valve Bad Low Pressure Switch 1 Bad Defrost Board Not...
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