Yorkguard VI - Pipe Freeze Protection (Heating)

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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2021

York Heat Pump: Yorkguard VI

Re: Pipe Freeze Protection (Heating)

The status lights on the module will indicate as follows: Red = 7Green = Off.

  • The Pipe Freeze Protection alert is activated when there has been a continuous call for auxiliary heat in excess of 60 minutes.
  • This alert is intended to warn of potential indoor water pipe freezing (assumes that the house is not being heated).

Qty Possible Causes:
No Power to Heaters
1 Heaters Locked-Out
Bad Heat Relays
Bad Heater Board
Bad Indoor Blower
1 Mis-Wired Low Voltage
Bad Yorkguard VI
Open Return Ductwork


1. Check Low Voltage

  • At the Yorkguard VI (outdoor unit), check for a call for Aux Ht from the thermostat.
    • Check for 24VAC between "W" and "C".
      • No Voltage = No Call for Aux Heat ⇒ Recheck the thermostat to see if it is calling for Aux Heat 
      • Voltage Present ⇒ Check for 24VAC between "W1 Out" and "C".
        • Voltage Present → Step 2. Check Heaters
        • No Voltage ⇒ Check Balance Point setting (Outdoor temperature must be below the "Balance Point" for Aux Ht to operate).
          • 24V on W1 + Outdoor Temp Below Balance Point + No Voltage on W1 Out = Bad Yorkguard VI

2. Check Heaters

  • Check Low Voltage 
  • Check for 24VAC between "W1" and "C", also between "W2" and "C".
    • ​​​​​​​Voltage Present ⇒ Check Heater Amperage (below)
    • No Voltage (inside) + Voltage on "W1 Out" (outside) = Bad Low Voltage Wires or Wiring
  • Check Heater Amperage
  • Use an Amp Probe to check amperage of each heater (W1-only will energize partial heaters, W1 + W2 should energize all heaters).
  • Check High Voltage Power
  • Check for 200 - 230VAC between each leg at the exiting power of each air handler breaker.

3. Check Heaters / Relays

  • Check Relays
  • Check for 24VDC at the coil of each heater relay.
    • ​​​​​​​24VDC Present + High Voltage Power + No Heater Amperage ⇒ Check Heater (below)
    • No 24VDC Present = Bad Heater Board or Heater Board Locked-Out ⇒ Check board for diagnostic light
  • ​​​​​​​Check Heater
  • Check for 200 - 230VAC between the two ends of each heater.
    • ​​​​​​​No Power + Relay Energized = Bad Relay
    • Power + No Amperage = Bad Heater

4. Check Temperatures

  • With the blower operating, check the Return and Supply Air Temperature at the air handler.
  • Look for an unusually cold Return Air Temperature (indicating Open Return Ductwork in an attic or crawlspace).
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Article ID: 692
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