S9200U Fault History Recall

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Last updated: 29 Sep, 2022

Honeywell S9200U

Re: Recalling the Status Code History

You may perform the following procedure multiple times to confirm that you have viewed all the currently stored error codes.

To recall the error code history and display it via the red status LED, perform the following:

  •  Jumper the thermostat screw-terminal R/2 to screw terminal D/1.
    • Within 0.5 seconds, the red status LED stops normal operation and turns on solid to indicate that the jumper is sensed.
  • Keep the thermostat screw-terminals R/2 to D/1 jumped. 
    • After a 5 second time-out, the red status LED turns off, indicating that error code recall is pending.
  • Within 10 seconds of the red status LED turning off, remove the jumper from thermostat screw-terminals R/2 to D/1. 
    • This activates the error code recall.
    • IMPORTANT: If the R/2 to D/1 terminal jumper is not removed within the 10 seconds, the history is erased.
  • Each saved error code blinks once on the red status LED, starting with the most recently stored error code.
    • NOTE: If there are no error codes to display, the red status LED immediately returns to normal operation.
  • After last error code displays, the red status LED returns to normal operation.

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Article ID: 28
Last updated: 29 Sep, 2022
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