Copeland Expansion Valve Issue - AC-Renew
Climatemaster Heat Pumps Re: Copeland Expansion Valve Issue / AC-Renew Copeland put an additive in their scroll compressors that can cause the expansion valve to become sluggish or unresponsive. AC-Renew can be added to the refrigerant system to counteract the additive. Climatemaster is...
13 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
Geothermal - Lines Sweating (Heating)
ClimateMaster Geo-Thermal: Heating Re: Water Lines Sweating The well piping from the geo-thermal unit is cold and sweating. It is not unusual for the well loop temperature to get cold when running in the heating mode. As the geo-thermal unit runs in heating it absorbs heat from the loop...
10 Mar, 2017 Comments: 0