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Copeland Expansion Valve Issue - AC-Renew
Climatemaster Heat Pumps Re: Copeland Expansion Valve Issue / AC-Renew Copeland put an additive in their scroll compressors that can cause the expansion valve to become sluggish or unresponsive. AC-Renew can be added to the refrigerant system to counteract the additive. Climatemaster is...
13 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
Climatemaster - High Electric Bill / Running Aux Ht
Geothermal: Heating Re: High Electric Bill / Running Aux Ht When a customer with a geo-thermal unit reports an electric bill that is much higher than normal, that typically means that the heat pump is not heating properly and the auxiliary heaters are operating more than normal. ► The blower and...
6 Apr, 2017 Comments: 0
Geothermal - Lines Sweating (Heating)
ClimateMaster Geo-Thermal: Heating Re: Water Lines Sweating The well piping from the geo-thermal unit is cold and sweating. It is not unusual for the well loop temperature to get cold when running in the heating mode. As the geo-thermal unit runs in heating it absorbs heat from the loop...
10 Mar, 2017 Comments: 0
Configure 2-Stage Geothermal
Honeywell Thermostats: TH8320R & TH8321R Re: Configure the thermostat for a 2-Stage Geothermal Step 1: Go to "Installer Setup" From the HOME Screen press the MENU tab Scroll down and select "Installer Options" Enter Factory Password Select "Installer Setup" Step 2: Enter Setup...
5 Jul, 2018 Comments: 0
Contactor Won't Energize - No Fault Codes
Geothermal: No Heat / No Cool Re: Contactor Won't Energize - No Fault Codes The customers reports "No Cool" or "No Heat". Upon inspection you find that the contactor is not pulled-in and there are no fault codes from the CXM board (steady green light). Qty Possible Causes 5 ...
21 Nov, 2019 Comments: 0